Extra-mural Studies (EMS)

for veterinary undergraduates
in Year 3 and above

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Extra-mural Studies (EMS)

For veterinary undergraduates in Year 3 and above.

We aim to provide students with practical veterinary experience in the husbandry, management and treatment of the Asian elephant in a dedicated elephant hospital and through our mobile clinical services. Students vary in academic knowledge and practical abilities so we only take students in Year 3 and above.

Each student will experience a wide range of veterinary and communication skills with our two veterinarians. These will include clinical examination, discussing options with the veterinary team, client communication, the opportunity to learn basic clinical and laboratory techniques, and we will try to explain some of the ethical, financial, business and inter-personal aspects to professional elephant practice in Thailand.

Our veterinarians will be happy to discuss all clinical and other issues with the student and the Chief Veterinary Officer will complete an EMS assessment form at the end of the student’s visit.

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