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We are now welcoming Veterinary Volunteers!

Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation-Thailand has opened a new dedicated Elephant Hospital north of Phuket near the town of Khok Kloi and we are now accepting international Veterinary Volunteers to spend time with us to gain experience of elephant medicine and husbandry.

The STEFT veterinary team works both at the hospital and in the field in our mobile clinic. The longer you stay, the more elephants you will see! We are offering a 15% discount for each additional week you stay at the STEFT Veterinary Centre. Book now to help Thailand’s elephants and to gain medical experience and memories that will last a lifetime!

We provide on-site accommodation and all meals. We can also arrange transport to and from the airport on request

Programme Description

Our Veterinary Centre near the town of Khok Kloi has been funded by the Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation (STEF), a UK registered charity (number 1176322),  dedicated to assisting elderly, retired, abandoned or abused elephants in the South of Thailand by providing free elephant veterinary care and the very best in elephant medicine. The Veterinary Centre is run by STEF-Thailand (STEFT), a Thai-registered charity. We currently employ two full-time English-speaking veterinarians at the Veterinary Centre and can accept 2-4 Veterinary Volunteers at a time. Veterinary Volunteer placements are strictly limited, so please apply early and reserve your place in advance.

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Volunteering for STEFT

A Veterinary Volunteer position at the STEFT elephant hospital is an ideal opportunity for veterinary students, nurses and qualified veterinary professionals who want to learn about the care of the magnificent but endangered Asian elephant in Thailand. Your time with us can qualify as part of the EMS requirement for veterinary students.

Veterinary Volunteers will be able to:

  • Observe medical procedures and elephant treatments (only veterinarians licensed in Thailand are allowed to perform medical procedures).
  • Travel with our mobile clinic to attend elephants across Thailand’s southern provinces learning about the importance of the elephant in Thai culture
  • Learn about elephant medicine, health, welfare, husbandry and rehabilitation
  • Work in our dedicated laboratory and learn not only routine diagnostic tests used in elephant medicine, but also how vital PCR tests are used to prevent elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus-hemorrhagic disease (EEHV-HD) a devastating and rapidly fatal disease
  • Participate in group discussions and rounds on patients seen or visited

Note: Physical contact and treatment of elephants by volunteers will be limited. Volunteer placements are generally observational. Assistance with procedures and treatments will be at the discretion of the vet team and based on experience level.

Note: Proof of qualification (e.g. copy of your registration certificate) will be required. Students will need to provide a note from their tutor or other university official to confirm their status. Only undergraduates in Year 3 or later are accepted.

If volunteering at our Veterinary Centre sounds like something you would like to do, please make an online booking through our website or for more information please email: [email protected]

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